Looking for the best BBQ food in St. Augustine? Among the many restaurants in St. Augustine, there are a few BBQ hotspots we think you’ll love. The following restaurants serve up the best of meats cooked over an open fire, on a rack, roasted over a hearth, or roasted whole. Bon Appetit!

But first, here’s a little BBQ background.

Since quite literally the beginning of time, people have cooked variations of meat over an open fire. In every sense of the word, this is barbecue food. But in the United States, when you say “barbecue”, people think “belt”; as in the barbecue belt. When most people envision the barbecue belt, they imagine the stretch of land from the Carolinas and Georgia to Tennesse and Arkansas. Don’t worry, we won’t let them –  or you – forget that the barbecue belt dips into Florida. Making North Florida a destination on the barbecue belt map.

BBQ food is a staple in Florida culture and Florida cuisine. In fact, backyard BBQs, whole hog BBQs, oyster roasts, and cookouts are a traditional way for Floridians to celebrate. To prove it, North Florida has yielded a few nation-wide BBQ chain restaurants that are popular today. Two of these restaurants include Bono’s Bar-b-q and MOJO’s BBQ.

Sweet, savory, and smoked BBQ too. St. Augustine has mouth-watering BBQ waiting for you!

Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q

“If you don’t see a pit, it ain’t legit” – Bono’s

Image contains three pulled pork sandwiches on a plate.

Photo courtesy of Bono’s Bar-b-q.

From char-grilled chicken sandwiches to BBQ pulled pork stackers to beef brisket salad, Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q has a variety of plates to suffice even the pickiest of eaters. Additionally, their smokin’ southern snacks pair perfectly with their barbecued meats. To compliment your main plate, choose from sweet corn nuggets, southern fried okra, or hand-cut fried squash.

Brisky’s BBQ

“[This restaurant was built] on the foundation of slow-cooked meats – 16 hours, to be exact – and hospitality” – St. Augustine Record

Image contains brisket on a plate.

Photo courtesy of Brisky’s BBQ.

If you grew up eating barbecue, you may have fond memories of walking into your grandmother’s house and being met with the sweet scent of BBQ brisket pie. Well, this is exactly what it feels like to walk into Brisky’s BBQ. After indulging in a baby back rib sandwich, a backyard burger, or chopped pork, indulge in dessert; banana pudding, sweet potato pie, and apple crisp are on the menu.

Jack’s BBQ

“Been going to Jack’s BBQ since 1977. My family loves the BBQ and the atmosphere on the beach.” – Facebook Reviewer

Image contains a pulled pork sandwich on a plate.

Typically the words BBQ and beach only come together for major holidays like the 4th of July. But around here, they mean something else, and that’s Jack’s BBQ. With hardly any online presence for visitors to find, this restaurant is truly a local dive. But, the secrets out. Head to Jack’s the next time you’re in the mood for BBQ chicken and ribs, pulled pork, Reubens, grilled fish or wings!


“The MOJO goal was to be able to offer an array of regional barbecue styles in one place and with their own personal touches.” – MOJO’s BBQ

Photo courtesy of MOJO’s BBQ.

MOJO’s BBQ in St. Augustine is a hotspot destination for people looking to chow down on BBQ food while in the downtown area. After a day of exploring, hit up MOJO’s for a plate of pit-smoked chicken, beef brisket, Louisiana blackened catfish, St. Louis spare ribs, pulled pork, smoked turkey, or basically any BBQ and meat combination that your heart desires.

Smokin’ D’s BBQ

“CAUSE WE JUST WON’T SELL YESTERDAY’S MEAT! We sell BBQ at its perfect moment.” – Smokin’ Daryl

Image contains whole chickens on a BBQ rack.

Photo courtesy of Smokin’ D’s BBQ.

Don’t worry about leaving Smokin’ D‘s BBQ hungry as most of their plates can feed two! From smokehouse rib platters to beach buckets (pork, turkey, and brisket), your belly will be as happy as your tastebuds when you leave. Headed on a picnic? Call Smokin’ D’s and order their famous BBQ Picnic plate. Hosting this week’s football game at your house? That sounds like an occasion for their Famous Big Beach Feast, which feeds an entire crowd!

Woodpeckers Backyard BBQ

“Be on time. The food won’t last.” – Lisa Marston, Owner

Image contains a plate of brisket and two sides.

Photo courtesy of Woodpeckers Backyard BBQ.

Only North Florida made it into the barbecue belt but we can bet you no other state in the belt has a datil pepper BBQ sauce. That’s right! St. Augustine’s famous pepper can be found in a BBQ sauce which can be found at Woodpeckers Backyard BBQ. Other menu highlights include tender brisket, chopped pork, and melt in your mouth ribs. But don’t take our word for it. Out of 1,300 Google reviews, they’ve maintained a 4.8 rating.

No need to loosen the barbecue belt, St. Augustine has clearly made the cut.

Glazed pork shoulder, hickory-smoked chicken, blackened Louisiana catfish, grilled beef brisket, grilled and marinated shrimp, smoked St. Louis ribs, roasted sausage, smothered baby back ribs – whatever it is you are craving, you’ll find no shortage of your favorite type of BBQ food in St. Augustine. Additionally, the Nation’s Oldest City hosts an annual Rhythm & Ribs festival where you can find even more BBQ. The festival typically takes place in April. But, you can always check here for the latest updates to St. Augustine’s festival lineup.

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