St. Augustine Parking

A guide to meters, pay stations, parking lots, taxis, bicycle parking, the St. Augustine shuttle service, and when you can park for free.

Image contains a view of the front of St. Augustine's parking garage, trees, and bushes. Image is outdoors.

St. Augustine Parking

St. Augustine pay stations and parking with the app costs $2.50 per hour, or residents can pay $.50 per hour if they’ve signed up with the ParkStAug App as a resident. There is a four-hour parking limit on city streets and in city lots. Pay stations are located throughout the city; some are city-owned, and others are privately owned. The city-owned pay stations are marked with the city crest. Parking enforcement hours vary by location and are posted on each pay-station. Additionally, the Historic Downtown Parking Facility can accommodate 1,200 vehicles.

Parking Garage Rates is $20 per vehicle, per entry, during peak parking times.

Free Shuttle Service

During the busiest times of the year, the City of St. Augustine and/or St. Johns County provides a free shuttle service to locals and travelers. These times are usually during holidays like the 4th of July or major events like the Nights of Lights. Check out our Shuttle Page to find everything you need to know about the next time the free shuttle will operate.

The peak and off-peak times are as follows:

  • Peak parking times:    7:00am – 5:00pm
  • Off-peak parking times:  5:00pm – 9:00pm **
  • **The off-peak parking times rate of $5 will not be applied during special festivals, Nights of Lights, and on days when free satellite parking and shuttle services are operating.

On Street Parking & Parking Lots

City-managed parking lots and street parking spaces times are to 9:00pm and will include Sundays from 1:00pm to 9:00pm. Parking enforcement hours vary by location and are posted on each pay-station.

On street and only city owned lots are free on national holidays.  The city-owned pay stations are marked with the city crest.

Find A Parking Place Link

The City of St. Augustine has a new parking finder.  Just click on the link and follow the instructions to find available parking within the downtown, historic area.  St. Augustine Parking Finder

Parking with the ParkStAug App

If you’re only visiting St. Augustine for the day, you can still use credit cards, debit cards, bills, and coins at pay meters and pay stations. However, we suggest downloading the ParkStAug App if you are here for an extended stay or visit St. Augustine often. The app makes parking downtown a bayfront breeze. It’s available throughout the city limits of St. Augustine except for at the Historic Downtown Parking Facility.

You can download the app on IOS and Android and set up your account by adding your payment method (credit or debit card) and your license plate number. You can also set up your account online at

Once you find a parking spot in town, open the app and select your zone. As seen in image 2, zones can be easily identified on signage in the area such as on the side of a pay station. Next, enter the amount of time you’ll be parked there. The best part of the parking app is that users don’t have to run back to “feed the meter”. If you want to stay longer, simply open the app and add extra time.

For Residents

Residents will also have to enter their driver’s license and vehicle registration for the Resident Discount. Additionally, ParkNow Cards can still be used for the time being but will eventually be phased out and replaced with the app. For more questions about the ParkNow Card please visit or call the city’s Parking Division at (904) 825-1090, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Electric Car Chargers

There is one public electric car charger in the city of St. Augustine which is located at the east end of DeSoto Pl.

Although people must pay for parking while their vehicle is there during enforcement hours, the charger is free to use and open to the public. It is a ChargePoint CT4000 which can charge up to 25 miles of range per hour as well as fully charge some vehicles in less than four hours.

Image 1: You may purchase a parking ticket at a pay station with a credit card, debit card, or cash; St. Johns County residents can use their ParkNow Card.
Image 2: Zones can be identified on the side of a pay station.
Image 3

Meters, Pay Stations, Garage Location, and Free Parking

Pay Stations



Free Parking

  • On Sundays up to 1pm and national holidays, meters and pay stations marked by the city crest are free.
  • Monday through Saturday, city-marked meters and pay stations are free before 8:00 am and after 5:00 pm – parking is free before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm around the Plaza de la Constitucion (Cathedral Pl. and King St).
  • You must have the proper car tag to park in an area marked as residential. Before 7:00 am and after 7:00 pm you may park here free of charge and do not need a tag.

Handicapped Parking in St. Augustine

There are several handicap accessible parking spaces in Historic Downtown. Use the map below to find the parking space most convenient for you!

More Information

Florida State Statutes state that persons with a valid handicap license plate or placard may park for free on all public roadways. This includes city-owned parking lots and meters, the Historic Downtown Parking Facility, and the Castillo de San Marcos parking lot. There is no time limit for how long your vehicle may be parked there. But, the St. Augustine City Code states vehicles must be moved every 48 hours on public roadways.

St. Augustine Taxis

Calling a local taxi, Uber  or  Lyft during Nights of Lights is ideal for a number of reasons. Instead of driving in circles for a parking place, a taxi can conveniently drop you off at your destination. You also pay a flat fee with a cab and don’t have to worry about feeding the meter or watching the clock. Most importantly, Nights of Lights is a time to celebrate the holidays! While enjoying St. Augustine’s light display you may want to share a bottle of wine over a romantic dinner or join a pub-crawl tour. Driving your vehicle limits activity options, and if you are parked in a meter or pay station area, it also limits the amount of time you have. Taxis, Uber, and Lyft exist in St. Augustine.

Taxi Companies

A Taxi Co. (nonsmoking) – (904) 233-8887

  • Open until 11 pm
  • Rating 1/5

Affordable Taxi – (904) 460-436

  • Open 24 hours
  • Rating 3.3/5

Abraxi-Taxi – (904) 599-6666

  • Open 24 hours
  • Rating 3.1/5

Clean Taxi – (904) 808-9995

  • Open weekdays until 10 pm, weekends 24 hours.
  • Rating 4.7/5

Image contains outdoors, bicycle, trees, and more.

Bicycle Parking

St. Augustine is proud to be a bicycle-friendly city.

Bicycle Rack Locations