Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts in St. John’s County

Many of St. Augustine’s local businesses are corner joints selling homemade datil jam and one-of-a-kind shell necklaces. However, locally owned shops come in a variety of sizes and colors – like orange and pink.

For example, Dunkin’ Donuts. The county’s delicious coffee shops are owned and operated by no other than a couple of locals! Born and raised in the oldest city, John Griffey infused St. Augustine with the delicious coffee and donut joint. St. John’s County embraced Dunkin’ Donuts with open arms. In fact, there are nearly a dozen stores thriving in the community.

A few years ago, John and Jean Griffey (business partner and wife), were living life like that of small business owners – making the donuts so to speak. St. Augustine bid them well and before they knew it life was all sunshine and martinis. Now, most days you can find the duo lounging on St. Augustine Beach or hitting balls at the range.

Spreading the Love

Consequently, the Griffey’s have passed the torch to Brian Ramos (partner), another St. Augustine resident. In fact, each donut and pumpkin spice latte you enjoy can be credited to a local: employees, managers, and general managers such as Justen Fendley and Josh Smith.

The local donut shop considers their workforce a family, gathering for Christmas parties and even donating to local causes. In fact, in November John and Brian spent the day volunteering at a local food bank which benefited Hurricane Irma victims and then early in December gave a large donation to the Betty Griffin House.

Dunkin’ Donuts may be a major brand, but in St. John’s County the coffee shop is a locally owned and family-oriented establishment. John, Jean, and Brian’s success with Dunkin’ Donuts is no small feat; the business is to thank for extra foot traffic and additional property value for surrounding lands. Furthermore, they are proud to be a part of St. Augustine’s community, aiding the townspeople one Boston Kreme at a time.

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